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Our team will pick up the deceased from most locations, including private residences, hospitals or the medical examiner’s office.

Washing and Ghusl

We have a team of brothers and sisters trained to perform ghusl (washing rituals) on the deceased. Women will be washed and handled end to end by a team of sisters. We will take all of the appropriate measures to respect hijab and privacy.

Casket + Shroud

We can provide a variety of caskets ranging from a simple construct to sturdier materials including wood and steel. Also included is the shroud within which to clothe the deceased.


Following the ghusl (washing rituals), we will transport the deceased to the masjid for the janazah (funeral services) and then to the cemetery for burial. If needed, our team can also assist with the cemetery and burial arrangements.

Death certificate & other Paperwork

Our team will ensure the death certificate is prepared as well as any other paperwork that may be needed.

Prompt service

Cemetery policy permitting, we are able to work promptly and swiftly, and can usually perform the janazah (funeral services) in the same day.