Janaza Services of Georgia is registered nonprofit 501c3 organization with Tax ID: 61-1722517.
All donations are tax deductible. Trained personnel will provide variety of counseling services during this difficult time.
Such as grieving, legal guidance, Islamic inheritance laws, asset winding/sale, and other related services to smooth the transition.
We bring together a team of folks from different ethnicities and backgrounds.


We provide complete funeral services, including: - picking-up deceased from place of death (home, hospital, nursing home, medical examiner) to one of our site. - washing (ghusl) and shrouding (kafn) by qualified, experienced muslims. - females are handled by females only). - providing the kafn (islaamic shroud). - providing caskets (simple to wood/steel). - transporting casket for janazah to masjid of choice. - transporting casket from masjid to cemetery of choice. - preparing death certificates & other necessary paperwork. - prompt service: cemetery policy permitting, many funerals are performed the same day. - we are known-shippers with many major airlines. - (united, delta, american airlines, turkish airlines, etihad, air india and more) and can offer shipping of deceased to anywhere in the world, inshaaallah!.


Those Who Spend In "CHARITY" Will Be Richly Rewarded -Al Qur'an 57:10


2920 Woodbine Hill Way Norcross,GA 30071